The world is going crazy over two Jetpack laden riders soaring through the skies. And we all have just one question in mind, ‘when do we get ours’?

Yves ‘Jetman’ Rossy is a former fighter pilot and an airline pilot. He is said to be the first person ever to have taken flight through a jet-propelled wing. This jet-pack, more appropriately a jet-propelled wing is his own invention.

Rossy has become quite famous for his stunts such as flying across the Grand Canyon, Mount Fuji, and the English channel. Also, he has raced jets over the Swiss Alps and flew in synchronized formation with an airplane over Dubai.

The latest stunt video by Rossy title Young Feathers is an introduction to his new partnership with Vince Reffet, a 31-year-old sky-diving champion. The video showcases the jetpacker duo flying in beautiful formation.

The video has been shot over the Dubai desert and the beautiful skyline of Dubai. The video has been shot by helmet cams worn by the duo and with a helicopter.

“Skydiving is my heart. I come from this world,” Reffet told Khaleej Times. “But unfortunately in skydiving there is the free-fall; it lasts seconds. But with the jet wing, I can fly for 10 minutes and go wherever I want. It’s so beautiful.”

The jetpacks are powered by four tiny jet engines. The jets left beautiful swirling contrails around the skyline. The wings are controlled by a throttle and the wearer’s movements.

Watch the stunningly breathtaking video below: