The most awaited decision of 2018 for Pakistan has been made. The National Assembly has elected PTI Chairman Imran khan as the the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Mr. Khan has been elected by the majority of National Assembly members, receiving 176 votes. His opponent Shahbaz Sharif got 96 votes and the third largest party PPP abstained from voting.

The oath taking ceremony of the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan will be held in a couple of hours from now on.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, how does that sound? Amazing…well, to some, of course. To the opposition, not so much.

People all over the country are celebrating. Supporters of PTI were observed sharing sweets outside the National Assembly, once the decision was announced.

While the social media is flooded with emotions, love and praise for Imran Khan, we need to mention how people have also been praising Bilawal Bhutto Zardari for his confident speech.

Here’s Bilawal Bhutto’s speech in case you missed it.

The people of Pakistan can’t wait for the Prime Minister’s oath taking speech now. It is the talk of the town. From What Mr. Khan is going to wear during the ceremony to who’s going to attend it…everything is being discussed.

Imran Khan’s close friend and former Indian cricketer, Navjod Singh Sidhu has also reached Pakistan via Wagah Border to attend Prime Minister’s oath taking ceremony.

While there’s a lot of talk going on about who’s attending the ceremony, people really want Jemima Khan and the kids to be their at the ceremony.

The social media has also been congratulating Jemima and the kids on Imran Khan’s victory.

Jemima Khan replied to the supporters by thanking them but also gave the unfortunate news of Imran Khan’s sons not attending the ceremony.

In another tweet she mentioned the same reason again.

To this news, people have reacted with dismay. Here’s what columnist Mehr Tarar tweeted:

While the entire nation can’t wait to see the Prime Minister taking the oath, the fact that his sons won’t be there with him, makes everyone a little disappointed.

What do you have to say about this? Do you want to see Jemima Khan and their sons at the ceremony? Let us know with your comments.

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