Jehan Ara, the Pakistani tech entreprenuer and the president of P@SHA has been invited by the American President Barrack Obama to the White House; she will be speaking at the 7th Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University, California.

By profession, Jehan Ara leads the tech incubator at P@SHA. She is a successful entrepreneur and a socialist who spends time on freedom of speech and freedom of the internet.


With her professional success and recognition, Ara has been invited by the President of US, Barrack Obama to attend and speak at the 7th annual Entrepreneurship Summit as a panelist that will be held from June 23rd to 24th.

According to the reports, Ara will be emphasizing her notes on the topic ‘Investing in South Asia: What’s next for Entrepreneurship in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.’

Being a socialist, spreading awareness regarding freedom of the internet, Ara has launched a campaign titled as ‘Bolo Bhi’.

Expressing her joy over the invitation, Jehan Ara said that she is extremely happy to represent the Pakistani tech corner to thousands of people present at the Summit. She is looking forward to speaking over the recent developments in Pakistani tech sector.

Her aim to discuss these topics amongst the masses is that she wants to make the the foreign investors understand the Pakistani tech sector so that they could invest in it.

President P@SHA Talks About Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

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