The two leading telecom services giants in Pakistan, Mobilink and Warid had a much-hyped merger which was finalized recently. The acquisition has led to a massive customer base for the companies with a whopping 50 million subscribers out of a total of 134.9 million in the country (source –, resulting in Mobilink-Warid becoming the biggest shareholders in the telecom industry.

Mobilink-Warid Celebrate 50 Million Combined Customers

Earlier this week, Jazz (Mobilink) posted the following picture on their facebook page which created a buzz with marketing enthusiasts!

[fb_embed_post href=”” width=”550″/]

The message on the print ad says “There Is Only One King in the Jungle” with a lion’s face in the background and both Warid and Jazz (Mobilink) logos included on the ad.

While it is evident what the print ad intends to say, the audience is quite confused as to what the brand is trying to put across with the message. Others feel that the brand image they are trying to create does not match either Jazz or Warid’s actual positioning in the market.

The advert has stirred a wave of confusion on social media.

Some people don’t find the latest strategy fitting the brand’s image at all!

A few think the telecom company has made a grave mistake

What do you think about Jazz and Warid’s ad, declaring that they are the contenders in the industry as they now own a majority of the customer base? Let us know in the comments below.

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