The Japanese clothing brand, Uniqlo, is catering to the Muslim audiences following the ‘modest fashion’ scene in it’s spring collection. Uniqlo is following in the same footsteps as other international designer brands such as DKNY, Mango with their “Ramadan Collection” and when Dolce and Gabbana introduced their abaya collection.

The collection comprises clothes with loose fitting, longer sleeves along with different hijab styles.

Launching this collection along the same lines of it’s brand, Uniqlo has partnered up with a Japanese British newly Muslim convert designer, Hana Tajima for this collection as well. This line of modest clothing collection will be called UNIQLO x Hana Tajima.


Hana said that the essence of her design revolves around the interpretation of modesty as it is quite subjective and it’s personal as well.

The young 29-year-old Hana said, “With the collection, I really wanted to allow people to style the pieces in a way that felt like it was modest to them.”

“Uniqlo’s fabric expertise was literally the first thing I thought of when they approached me for the collection,” said Hana.

“Since Muslim fashion tends to involve more fabric, it’s especially important that those fabrics are breathable.”


The range includes beautiful colors such as taupe,  avocado green and marigold. The clothes have been designed with versatility across the Muslim world in mind, Uniqlo has even shared tutorials which aim at assisting the customers in creating clothing item combinations.

It is being explained as “an exclusive line that fuses modern designs with traditional values and exceptional comfort.”

The material used to design these headbands and hijabs have been created from the brand’s trademark material “Airism” which is described as ‘light as air’ breathable fabric.


The Uniqlo x Hana Tajima collection will be launched on 26th February with the price ranging from $10 to $60. Shop online at: Uniqlo