Imran Abbas, Pakistan’s golden boy, will soon be appearing on the big screen in his latest movie ‘Jaanisaar’ in the lead role of ‘Ameer’.

‘Jaanisaar’ is an upcoming 2015 Bollywood drama film directed by Muzaffar Ali and produced by Meera Ali. It marks the comeback of director Muzaffar Ali, who is known for his cult film ‘Umrao Jaan’ (1981).

Diversity rings true in the cast which includes Pernia Qureshi as Noor, Muzaffar Ali as Meer Sahab, Dalip Tahil as Raja Iqbal, Carl Wharton as Cavendish, Beena Kak as Mushtari, Natalie Arikan as Kitty, Benjamin Coakley as Robert and Luv Bhargav as Raja Alipur.

The film is a period drama set in the year 1877 which depicts the story of a revolutionary dancer.

“I feel our own people need to learn certain parts of our history to become more responsible citizen. History is written into two ways – written by conqueror and the other one is the human history.” said Muzaffar Ali.

“I felt this story has to be told. The country needs to know this story.”

The film is Mr. Abbas’s second in Bollywood, preceded by Creature 3D.  It also marks the debut of Pernia Qureshi, who is a notable fashion stylist and costume designer by profession.

Director Muzaffar Ali remarked, “Pernia is different. I needed a strong dancer and at the same time a fresh face. She really danced her life out into the film. She did a very good job of a revolutionary dancer.”

The soundtrack for the movie includes notable Indian and Pakistani artists such as Shreya Ghoshal, Abida Parveen and Sukhwinder Singh.

Despite Creature 3D’s poor reviews, it seems Mr. Abbas has really made a name for himself in the competitive entertainment industry next door, while paving the way for more Pakistani actors to represent the country which bleeds green.


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