J.’s Summer Collection 2015: Cars Over Girls Anytime

(Disclaimer: Author has no link to the brands mentioned in this review. The review is based upon personal opinions.)

Whoever thought the lawn frenzy was dying with each passing year was wrong. Not only are the sales still soaring through the sky, the number of billboards propped around the cities, especially Karachi, are increasing with an alarming speed too. There is barely an inch of sky visible with so many billboards placed at every meter of almost every road of the city.

What is worse is that all of these stupendous number of billboards feature more or less the same concepts: women flaunting lawn apparels, with more focus on the model’s face rather than the fabric and even at times the brand name itself, set in the most bizarre and unrealistic set ups for a lawn dress.

Amongst these, one brand which stands out for its creativity is Junaid Jamshed.

The latest advertising campaign for Summer Collection 2015 features vintage cars adorned with fabric prints.

Summer Collection

The idea is an excellent creative approach to marketing; it puts the product in the limelight, is captivating and most importantly, is different from what others have to offer.

The execution, by the creative agency behind the idea, The Brand Partnership, is brilliant and has been appreciated by many industry experts.

Having said that, the idea is not without its flaws. First off, the cars theme appeals more to the male gender as opposed to the females for whom the product in question is designed for. A more female centric theme could have been more appropriate.

For the same reason, some of the viewers are unable to understand the idea behind the campaign. Others have pointed out a more technical flaw with the campaign: the vintage cars in the adverts are “iconic Americans”, while the tagline says “Soully East”. 

Summer Collection 2

Previously, J. has pulled off similar marketing stunts: printed hot air balloons to introduce the brand back in 2011, digital trees with lawn prints, printed butterflies and umbrellas and vegetables draped in lawn prints in 2012, a nautical theme in 2013 and alphabetical props draped in lawn fabrics and printed flowers in fields in 2014. Out of these, the nautical theme was probably the best one, along the same lines as the vintage car theme this year.

Other brands such as Kayseria did make an attempt at similar ideas with printed fields and truck art theme back in 2012 but poor execution failed to make it stand out.

On the other hand, while Junaid Jamshed’s reason behind these creative campaigns may be Islamic, they have brilliantly executed the ideas without making the adverts look drab or boring.

With so many billboards on display and SO many lawn brands to choose from, Karachiites are now used to ignoring the lawn clad models sprawled across the city.

In times of such information overload and tough competition, not only it is refreshing for us, customers, to see something this creative but it is also beneficial for the brand to be able to hold the customer’s attention for more than a second.

Summer Collection 4