Ittehad Ramazan Transmission

With the spree of Ramazan hitting our television screens, Ittehad Ramazan Transmission 2017 on ATV has also been announced. And you won’t believe who will be a part of its OST!

It is none other than Momina Mustehsan & she will be singing Ittehad Ramazan OST

Listen to it here!

#bts #mominamustehsan

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#MashaAllah :Doing an #OST for #Ramadan Transmission of channel #Aplus and #ATV #ittehadramazan #mominamustehsan

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What is more, Ittehad Ramazan will have Qaseeda Burda Shareef in its OST and it will be recited by the one and only, Atif Aslam.


It appears that Shaista Lodhi will be taking over Ittehad Ramazan Transmission 2017 on ATV. Currently, she is Kenya shooting for the promo of the transmission. What is more, the leading RJ of FM 91 Khalid Malik, Ali Safina and JunaidAkram will be joining Shaista in the transmission.

Shooting in #kenya for #ittehadramzan Wardrobe by @inaayaonline

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Registration & Passes

The registrations for Ittehad Ramazan Transmission 2017   have not yet been announced.

Timings & Schedule

Ittehad Ramazan Transmission 2017 will kickstart from the 1st of Ramadan till Chand Raat. Timings are yet to be announced.