A recent raid on Serena Hotel Islamabad by the Deputy Commissioner proved to be unlucky. The team, lead by Capt (R) Waqas Rashid, Assistant Commissioner along with food and health staff inspected and sealed the kitchen, bakery & food storage area of “Serena Hotel Islamabad”.

The hotel was sealed due to extremely unhygienic, unhealthy and storage of putrefied raw vegetables especially cabbage and expired bakery products to include cookies, cream and sausages.

Various other products displayed with expired dates mentioned as 10/1015, 17/10/15, 25/9/15 20/9/15, 15/9/15.

The chefs and cooks preparing food with injured hands, long dirty nails, without any head nets, safety gloves or safety shoes.

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No expiry dates written on Nestle mineral water refilled cans and few bottles placed with open cap in a dirty environment outside kitchen area. Vaccination or medical fitness not done for few food handlers.

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The frozen chicken used had a one-year expiry date and was transported from Lahore via truck. This is a grave violation of health safety, hygiene laws and extremely detrimental for human consumption from health safety angle.

Rusted utensils with heavy carbon accumulated and inadequate drainage arrangements causing stagnant water accumulation on floors.

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Samples of all expired food products and rotten vegetables/ fruits obtained for chemical examination by NIH labs and expert opinion of Health and Food Nutritionist.

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