He is the top-rated actor in Pakistan, not to forget he is considered one of the most desirable heroes in India. Directors are eager to get their hands on him and brands love to make him their flamboyant ambassador. Women die to take selfies with him and crave to watch his movies in cinemas.

Well, he is Fawad Khan- the trailblazer who has rocked the Indo-Pak entertainment industry. 

Pakistanis can not stop showering him with love and Indians are forever obsessing over him. 

And now an Iranian supermodel has joined the ranks of FK’s admirers.

Meet Elnaz Norouzi- the haseena from Iran who made her debut in Pakistani movie “Maan Jao Na”.

The beauty was born in Tehran, however, she was raised in Germany. While Naaz was seen with Adeel Chaudhry in “Maan Jao Na”, she had shared screen space with Bollywood bigwigs like Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

While having a heart-to-heart with Brandsynario, Norouzi revealed how much she is inspired by our Pakistani Khan, Fawad.

She revealed that she knows Khan via his acting trysts in Bollywood and considers him a phenomenal actor.

Check out what she said here!


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