Tribute to Iqbal 2015


Iqbal Day Nov 9: KPK Govt Announces Public Holiday

After fair amount of speculation, the Government of Pakistan has declared Iqbal Day, Nov 9 as a working day. ARY News reported that Iqbal Day, November 9 will not be a holiday. Iqbal Day will not be a day of public holiday in Pakistan, according to the Interior Ministry.

No Holiday on Iqbal Day


November 9, Iqbal Day, has long been declared as a public holiday in Pakistan. With the birthday of the national poet just around the corner, the Government of Pakistan has made a surprising announcement.

“November 9, (Monday) will be a working day”, a statement issued by the Interior Minister said, adding that all the offices and education institutes would remain open as per routine.

Earlier there were reports that the government has decided to announce national holiday on November 9 to commemorate the birthday of Allama Iqbal. Government and private educational institutions were expected to remain closed.

Iqbal Day was also listed in ‘Public and Optional Holidays For the Year, 2015’ issued by Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan in January this year.

Due to media reports, many organizations across the country have floated circulars to announce holiday for their employees.