Battery test results for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus revealed to have discrepancies. Models with chips made by Samsung have been claimed to have poorer battery life than those with chips made by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

The new iPhone phones feature A9 processors. These processors have been manufactured by two different companies i.e. Samsung and TSMC. While performing same tasks, the two processors have been found to have variable performance results; iPhones having Samsung’s chips were found to have approximately 2 hours less battery life than those having TSMC’s chips.

Reports suggested that the two chips have different sizes too; Samsung’s A9 features a 14-nanometer processor whereas TSMC’s A9 incorporates a 16-nanometer processor.

According to a Redditor, who has two iPhone 6S Plus models; one with Samsung and the second with TSMC powered processors, the latter has two hours more of Battery Runtime.


Writing on Reddit, he claimed, “Ran this test a couple times and results were consistent. Always about a 2 hour difference in duration. Both phones were tested using the same backup, same settings. Also tried testing them as new phones and results were similar.”

Apparently, there are approximately 30% iPhone 6S Plus and 60% iPhone 6S devices currently sourced by Samsung’s A9 chip. And while buying, you can’t identify which manufacturer’s chip is installed in your device.