Internet Sensation Nimra Ali Apologizes For Hurting Hindu Sentiments
Source: The Express Tribune

Nimra Ali, a young Lahori girl who recently took social media by storm, is now in hot waters!

After her first interview, Nimra became insanely popular among netizens, and people could not stop admiring her super enthusiastic nature. Everyone loved how unapologetically vocal she was. Well, who could have guessed that Nimra’s mindless chatter could lead her straight into deep waters?

Nimra Ali Hurts Hindu Sentiments

In a live interview on Gourmet News Network (GNN), Nimra Ali was seen chanting “Gandhi Nehru matam manao, Hindu ki maiyya mar gayi.” And the cherry on the top? Her act was applauded and celebrated by the hosts of the show.

In all her naivety, Nimra had undoubtedly been offensive towards the Hindu community. This infuriated the Hindus and Muslims equally. They poured out their anger on different social media platforms. People criticized Nimra, but they also bashed the anchors of the show for applauding Nimra Ali’s jingoistic remarks against Hindus and their religion.

Nimra Ali Apologizes For Her Mistake

Acknowledging her mistake, Nimra openly apologized for hurting the entire Hindu community. “I was just copying a character done by Sajal Ali (one of my fav. Actresses,” Nimra justified, and the Hindu community has seemingly accepted their apology. Have a look at her tweet:


Reportedly, both the anchors have apologized too.

On behalf of Nimra, we sincerely apologize for all those who belong to the Hindu community of Pakistan.

Incompetence Of Our Media Industry

Appearing on-screen with a viewership of millions may seem flashy, but it is a lot more than that. We are accountable for every word that we utter and responsible for literally anything and everything delivered from our end to the masses. Nimra Ali may be too young and immature to acknowledge her responsibility as an emerging media sensation fully, but what is our media industry doing?

Don’t you think that the media industry should be careful enough to ensure that the person being promoted through their platform is at least sensible enough not to attack such sensitive facets of anyone’s life? We have plentiful examples from the past (Nida Yasir’s morning show being the most recent one) where the media has very insensitively humiliated and exploited the sentiments of many. When will this cycle end?

Do you think that Nimra Ali (as for now) is too naïve to be endorsed by our media? Let us know in the comment section below!