Twitter flooded yesterday as some logical Indians showed solidarity with Pakistan, with their tweets. The hastag #IndiawithPakistan trended as the twin countries mourned 141 innocent lives.

Indian government announced that their schools will observe silence for two minutes in honor of the Peshawar massacre yesterday – Indian children praying for the departed Pakistani children.

Children belong to all – they represent no country, no religion, no color, no tribe – they are pure in all their deeds, they love unconditionally – they are the true representatives of God on earth. Then there are those who maintain their dislike against Indians and every action they commit. There will always be those who will find reasons to hate in the most harmless of acts and the unhappiest of times. Growing up from this, let us spare a moment to appreciate those who made some kind gesture. Here are some of the most heartwarming tweets from across the border. Tehseen Poonawalla

Indian politicians and celebrities were not far behind in showing their condolences


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