Following the ban on Maggi instant noodles in India, pictures have surfaced of what can only be described as a Maggi graveyard. The pictures show hordes of Maggi instant noodle packets piled up high and having to be scooped up by a tractor.

The product was banned starting on June 5th of this year when India’s food safety regulator found that tests revealed high levels of lead in the noodles.


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This has resulted in the ongoing process of destroying up to 27,000 tonnes of Maggi noodles. Production has been halted by the company in India, and goods worth INR 3.2 billion being called back.

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A consultancy firm called Brand Finance has predicted that Maggi will lose $200 million in brand value due to this ban. It was ranked at 23rd for being the most valuable food brands in the world by the firm, and previously held a value of $2.4 billion.

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Nestle’s CEO, Paul Bulcke, is now making efforts to salvage the image of the world renowned food company. He claims that the product is entirely safe, but the company is still pulling the product from sale.

“Food has never been safer,” Chief Executive Paul Bulcke stated. “But there is the perception and we have to work on that. We have to reconnect with the consumers.”

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Bulcke states that the most important thing to him is to clear up the situation and bring back the product as soon as possible. “We are doing all we can, to make contact with Indian authorities at the earliest,” he said. “The product is safe.”

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This widespread ban on Maggi in India is likely to have vastly damaging consequences for Maggi instant noodles in the neighbouring countries as well.