Pakistanis love cricket as much as Indians do, however, we were unable to watch the men in blue take on our men in green in the recent Independence Cup that took place just last week.

While on one hand, Pakistan hosted international players, somehow, there was a ‘something’s missing’ feeling, as no Indian was a part of the series. However, Pakistani fans have been thanking Indian cricketer Jasprit Bumrah for his visit to Lahore!

Before you get really excited, you should know that the actual Bumrah was not in Pakstan at all, as a matter of fact, Bumrah has a doppelganger who attended the Independence Cup series which Pakistan won 2-1.

Earlier, a look-alike of Skipper Virat Kohli was spotted working in Dominos and the resemblance left everyone with their jaw-dropped. The real Jasprit Bumrah is actually in Australia preparing for a series with the Aussies!

Was Virat Kohli in Pakistan? [Watch Video]