At long last, Imran Khan – former star cricketer – breaks his silence regarding the controversy surrounding the Pakistani cricket fiascos – ehem – matches.

The 1992 winning captain was asked to comment on the state of the Pakistani team and the cricket board in an interview by ARY Digital.

Khan unwaveringly blamed the current government for making Najam Sethi the chairman of the PCB.

“First of all, when you appoint the chairman of the cricket board, based on whether they supported you in the elections and do not award positions based on merit – like Najam Sethi – when merit is not being considered, then our institutions cannot stand up to those where merit is valued.”

Khan had harsh words for team captain Misbah-ul-Haq too.

“His policy, his strategy is completely wrong. Not choosing Yasir to play against West Indies was a foolish decision by Misbah.”

“The top 4 batting positions matter the most. To win, the best batsmen should be positioned there. To put the best men at the end of the lineup is a defensive policy.”

Apart from the criticism, the Naya Pakistan movement leader had a few words of advice as well.

“Only 5 bowlers should play in the match. When there are high targets like 300 runs, you need better batsmen rather than better bowlers.

“The whole cricket sector should be built up properly – so that better cricketers can be brought forward.”

“They must play like cornered tigers. They must attack, if they are to win.”

With the recent win against Zimbabwe, it seems Pakistan may be on the road to recovery. But it will take a lot more than one win to make up for the losses.

Watch the video below: