Punjab Food Authority’s very popular lead Ayesha Mumtaz shows no signs of slowing down with her crackdown against food adulteration in the province.

Being claimed as Pakistan’s Dabang lady, Mumtaz is perhaps the nation’s most dominant women with the power of conducting rapid raids, slapping heavy fines and barring booming business to never thrive again.

More than 500 food eateries in Punjab have made it to PFA’s Hall of Shame under Ayesha Mumtaz’s domineering reign. With her recent feat of exposing Lahore’s meat vendors who were openly selling pork in the name of beef and mutton, Ayesha has emerged as an ultimate food crusader of Pakistan.

Now Twitteratis are on a hilarious roll with all the movies Mumtaz can make for her mission to eradicate food corruption.

Check some of the most entertaining responses on #AyeshaMumtazfilms, trending number 1 on Twitter, that will surely make you ROFL!