ICI Dulux recently launched the new version of its Visualizer app for iOS and Android, called ‘Dulux Visualizer PK’. The app uses innovative technology to help consumers visualize, share and paint their rooms in their chosen colours in real time.

This is to help them have a better idea of what the Dulux colors will look like if the color is actually applied on the walls. Consumers can capture a video of their walls and experiment with hundreds of different colours. If they see a colour somewhere that inspires them, they can use the ingenious Colour Picker technology to instantly match and try it out.

Once they have found the colour they love consumers can buy their paint or find a store via the store locator function. Finally, they can share it with friends and family on social media to get a second opinion, directly through the Visualizer.

“Colour is the number one decision factor when consumers choose to paint,” said Usman Hafaz, Marketing Manager at AkzoNobel Pakistan Decorative Paints Division. “Selecting the right colour can be an exciting yet overwhelming challenge. The new features in the Visualizer now make this a fun, easy way to find the essential colour to make their living space more inspiring, and make the process more social at the same time.”

“We are constantly looking out to understand our consumer behavior and any emerging trends, innovations and technologies to help us stay ahead of the curve,” explained Usman Hafaz. “This helps us deliver products and colours that people want. The Visualizer is a tool designed to give consumers confidence to try new colours, quickly see the potential end result of their purchase, and share with friends to get their views.”


To download the app, please follow the links

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.akzonobel.pk.dulux

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/pk/app/dulux-visualizer-pk/id977101914?mt=8

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