The influx of restaurants and cafes opening up across the city of lights – Karachi. The latest eatery to hit Karachi is Hunger’s Pack. Located on the corner of commercially touted lane of Khayaban-e-Badar, DHA, this new joint will open its gate for public very soon. While you juggle with the decision of trying this new food center, we bring you all the necessary information that will help you make your decision.

Hunger’s Pack is a casual dine in restaurant that has a lot of unique things in store of its customers such as customized starters (mashed potatoes can be spiced up with your favorite ingredients), 24 hours breakfast facility and some amazing packaging.

Let us share with you some interesting details about this restaurant from different perspectives.


As soon as you enter this outlet, you will be stunned by vividly lit up lights and quirky decor. In this age and era of cut-throat competition, people go out of the way to bring a twist in their decor.

Hunger’s Pack makes an attempt to stay away from the crowd by keeping it subtle and bring the element of quirkiness by paying attention to detail such as by replacing table legs with flower vases, by installing stacks of pebbles in a cage and by engraving the name of the brand in different languages on a wood on the main counter.

Menu and Taste

From starter to the main course, their menu has a lot to offer. Baked potatoes with minced meat, tomatoes and corn as well as their perry bites (yes, it’s perry bites not peri bites) both are good as starters to treat your taste buds and set your mood right to check out the rest of the menu.

Perry bites

The creamy sauce on top of the perry bites and corn in baked potatoes were something worth mentioning. Perry bites are served with a sauce; whereas, baked potatoes have corns that add something extra in these otherwise simple starters.

In addition to baked potatoes, they also offer spiral potatoes and grilled toasted garlic bread which are going to be a unique and never-eaten-before kind of an item in their menu.

Moving on from the starters to the main menu, we were served with Hunger’s Pack special burger. The size of the burger was quite good as compared to other burgers we usually have in different restaurants, but the taste, concoction and layering of ingredients lack quality and appeal.

With the burger, you are served a pack of fresh and crispy French fries. Also, they give a specially designed holder for your burger that makes the process of holding your burger in your hand and eating it quite easy.

Aside from regular fast-food, this new restaurant’s menu also has some options for people who are more conscious about their diet and make a count of all the things that go in their body. They have some amazing melts with wholegrain and high fibre bread with light fillings.

The breads of these melts are made from the imported dough. So, this is a place where you can take your diet conscious friend who always back out from plans just because of unhealthy food items.

As far as the dessert is concerned their menu offers cone ice creams in varied flavors,the cone of which is baked in-house. In addition to cone ice creams and regular drinks, they also offer milk shakes in standard flavors of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Price Range

As we stated above the restaurant is not officially opened yet, there are a lot of things that are still in pending such as their menu card. As their menu card is still in the printing process, we could not decipher the amount of each item on the menu. While talking to Brandsynario, the operational manager also shed light on the pricing strategies and said that:

“We want to go with the masses and want to make it affordable.”

“I think it’s too early to disclose the pricing of the menu as the rate card is still in printing, but I can assure you that a regular order comprising a burger, fries and drink with unlimited refill would not cost more than 560 (including tax).”


With the news of ample of cafes and restaurant getting shut because of hygiene, this issue has become more important than ever before. They have kept their kitchen and cooking space separate but not hidden. A diner can easily see and gauge the hygiene condition of the place. While talking about the hygiene, Freed Jamil, the operation manager of Hunger’s Pack said:

“We kept the kitchen space open to make our customers satisfied as far as the hygiene is concerned. We do have ample space in the basement, but we did not want to hide the kitchen from our customers.”


“We have special chemicals for cleaning and everything is certified to ensure high level of hygiene and cleanliness.”

While the details about complete menu and accurate price list of this new restaurant are currently thin on the ground, we really hope that the information we jotted down above help you in making up your mind and this new eatery will be welcomed by all with open arms.