Over the past three days, Pakistanis have been talking about nothing useful but how Mahira Khan has defamed the whole nation. Her pictures with Ranbir Kapoor have sparked the daddy of all the debates, ranging from how shameful it was for Khan to smoke a cigarette to whether it was really a surgery mark on her back!

We really don’t know when the whole social media brouhaha would end. Of course, almost all of our stars extended their support to the sweetheart Mahira.

But amidst all this pleasant support towards Mahira, another fiery debate kickstarted between the sassy haseena, Humaima Malik and the Afreen girl, Momina Mustehsan.

It all happened when Momina stood up for Khan and bashed haters for poking their nose in her private life. 

Soon after her tweet went viral on the internet, a screenshot started to make rounds on social media.

Apparently, it drew a parallel between Mustehsan’s views on Mahira Khan’s picture and Qandeel Baloch’s bold attitude.

This image was picked by none other than Humaima Malik who slammed Momina for being unfair in her views.

She subtly took a dig at the Coke Studio prodigy and labeled her opinion as hypocritical.

Ouch! We bet Momina did not see this one coming!

Meanwhile, the songstress hit back with another screenshot!

She did not shy away to clear her view on Qandeel Baloch and women empowerment.

But Malik still remained unimpressed!

But it was just not Humaima that appeared irked by Mustehsan. 

Digital rights activist and social worker, Nighat Dad also lashed out at MM!

The internet is questioning the kind of ‘feminism’ that is practiced by Momina Mustehsan.

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