Hassan Sheheryar Yasin aka HSY, celebrated his new collection at the FPW VI, 2014. Here we bring you a live collection of the event’s pictures.

The event started with a glamorous entry of a striking new design worn by a gorgeous young model, the dim lightings slowly lit the stage as she made her way in front of the crowd, followed by some trendy new designs, have a look right here:

HSYs Latest Collection at FPW 6 2014 HSYs Latest Collection at FPW 6 2014  The event spiked up in the mid, when Nadia Hussain with her glamorous looks strafed down the stage wearing a long and trendy dress that attended to all audiences glaring gazes, as she posed in that alluring HSY outfit, becoming the show stopper for the evening.

HSYs Latest Collection at FPW 6 2014

HSYs Latest Collection at FPW 6 2014

The show past Nadia Hussain was carried forward by many stunning outfits that diligently appeared and disappeared from the stage while being worn by many known and renowned faces of the fashion industry.

The event reached its near end with a final look at HSY’s fabulous collection, as the models walked down the ramp connfidently with elegance of the new and forever craved wardrobe that they wore, followed by the designer himself, who was massively applauded by the crowd on one more of his most amazing collection.


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