HP Launches

HP launched its new HP Slatebook x2 today which is an Android-based computer and has taken HP’s expertise up a notch.

A hybrid of tablet and laptop, the HP Slatebook x2 comes with a detachable keyboard, catering to both in-house and outdoor requirements.  

The tablet comes with a Light-Emitting Diode (LED) display, allowing colors to appear much brighter, in comparison to any other laptop.  With a 10.1 inch full HD resolution, the Slatebook has the ability to capture the attention of travelers and customers on the go.

The screen of the PC will also connect with the keyboard magnetically. It would allow the keyboard to attach to the main tablet without having to damage the keyboard or the tablet or screen. 

HP has managed to successfully launch this hybrid and it will provide it with an edge over other leading laptop and tablet brands.

The new Slatebook would help HP gain an edge with its established brand name, but also continue to capture the attention of current and potential customers.