Nothing is more annoying than getting squeaky irritating sounds on your clicks and not knowing how to turn them off! With this new feature adapted in Google Chrome, there is no need to helplessly fidget around the tabs to get the unwanted sounds turned off.

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If you are an existing Chrome user, you must have noticed a tiny speaker, flashing on the tab signaling where the sound is coming from.In order to mute these sounds in just a single click, follow this extremely simple and efficient procedure.

Step 1:

Enable ‘experiment’ feature by entering “chrome://flags/” into the URL address bar at the top of Google Chrome.

Step 2:

Now, simply search for “Enable tab audio muting” in the list. Once found, click “Enable” to turn the feature on.

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Do not get paranoid if your Chrome shuts down after this step. This feature is getting enabled on your Chrome.

Now when you will reopen your browser, you can click on the tiny speaker icon on the tab to mute the sound.

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