If you have been using Prisma actively, either on iOS or Android, you may have noted that at certain times during the day the application takes quite long to get the picture ready and the triangle un-fills instead of filling.

During other times a notification pops up; the notification alerts you that the picture cannot be filtered at the moment because there are too many users on the application.

How to Make Prisma Faster?

Well, the only prominent solution to this problem is if Prisma developers improve their servers, increase their speed, or follow the same game plan as Instagram does. Till then, there are a few other considerable options to try.

  • If you are travelling and you want to show the beauty of the place with a Prisma touch, getting strong Wi-Fi signals can be tricky, and since Prisma works online, you will need strong signals. In order to avoid unwanted trouble, it is better to snap all the pictures you want to take, and once your back home, or at a place with better signals, you can use the app there.
  • Samsung users can use their multi-windows to carry on with other tasks while Prisma is running in the back. You can then check the picture, later on, to monitor its progress without having to waste a lot of time staring at it.
  • Use Prisma when the world is asleep, or when many of the individuals are probably busy. Less load on servers means more time to experiment with Prisma filters and things will get done faster
  • Wait for an update to solve the problem

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Why Does Prisma Often Show its Over-Capacity?

For those who have been thinking Prisma is a similar application to Instagram, it is not. Prisma works differently. Unlike Instagram, the app does not add the selected filter to the image on your device.

Instead, the app uses its own servers to upload the image and then add the chosen filter.

Since the app is using ts own servers, the process takes longer time, and takes more processing power, often running into major traffic before being able to get things done on either side.

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