How to Make 8 Delicious Types of Pop Corns?

Now that ICC Cricket World Cup is only ten days away, everyone should pull up their socks and get prepared to make the most out of it. With brands like making it easier and simpler to order food in the comforts of your home, food and cricket couldn’t be paired in a better way.

While there are innumerable options for snacking, pop corns are always first choice for cricket and movies. Given the various flavors of pop corns tried and tested by many people,.

Here is a list of some popcorn infusions with delicious ingredients to bring more joy for cricket enthusiasts:


1. Peanut Butter popcorn

Pop Corns 1

How to make: Mix with peanut butter when hot.

2. Nutella popcorn

Pop Corns 2

How to make: Pop some corns and drizzle nutella. 

3. Ice cream popcorn

Pop Corns 3

How to make: Mix one vanilla scoop with handful of pops.

4. Chocolate popcorn

Pop Corns 4

How to make: Chop some bars and toss them with freshly made popcorn.


1. Spicy popcorn

Pop Corns 5

How to make: Red chili, Chaat masala, Cumin and salt! Toss them well.

2. Grated cheese popcorn

Pop Corns 6

How to make: Grate your favorite cheese on top of freshly popped corns.

3. Nutty popcorn

Pop Corns 7

How to make: Mix with almonds, peanuts and raisins.

4. Pizza popcorn

Pop Corns 8

How to make: Toss with Cheese, jalapeno, sausages and olives.