Tune.pk is a famous video streaming website launched back in 2006.

After the ban has been put on YouTube in Pakistan, Tune.pk became well-known in 2012 and it took a boost right after that.

Tune.pk facilitates viewers to see YouTube videos.

Once you make a request for a video, it is checked for its sensitivity and afterward gushed for Pakistani users.

With Tune.pk you can also upload videos.

Unblock YouTube Videos in Pakistan with Tune.pk Plugin

As reported by TechinAsia blog, the site has more than 100 million monthly visits.

Another interesting fact is that more than 50 percent of the site movement is from countries other than Pakistan.

If you are a dynamic user of Tune.pk and wish to download any video that shows up on it while you are browsing through the web then this orderly how-to-do will make it easier for you.

Grab Internet Download Manager

The first step is to search for Internet Download Manager.

Purchase the tool

Pay for the tool or copy its crack from any torrent site.

Install IDM

video download

Install Internet Download Manager on your desktop or laptop.

Commence it

Launch the web browser and allow installation of IDM plugin/add-on.

Go to Tune.Pk

Once you are done installing it, visit Tune.pk.

Search video

Look for the video you want to download.

Download it

Click on “Download this video” button once the video you requested starts to play.

That would be all.

Hopefully, this small step-by-step guide was of help to you. Let us know how helpful it was in the comments below.

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