A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected. But it is interesting to note that the mantra of an employer-employee relationship is always happened to be ‘Do More. Do More’. It seems their happiness is mutually exclusive. Both the parties always have something to say, but by virtue of employer position, he or she can say anything but employees can’t. Isn’t it one of the weirdest relationship?

Here are a few things that all employees think about their bosses but can never really tell them:

Your Team Doesn’t Want Meetings Every Day

How To Be a Good Boss

Most employees find meetings at work to be boring, especially those where the boss repeats everything he or she has been saying all year or those where he or she calls everyone in just to complain. Most employees are ready to be bored out of their minds, but they will act as if everything is just fine when called for meetings.

Regular Social Events With Employees Aren’t As Exciting As You Think

How to be a good boss

Most employees think a social event with workmates and bosses is of no benefit at all and if they had the option of skipping the event to go and hang out with their actual friends, they would not even think of attending.

Your Employees Aren’t Comfortable With Your 24/7 Presence

How To Be a Good Boss

Most employees think that they have to always act in a particular way in front of their bosses regardless of the forum, and this makes it very difficult for them to relax in events where they are supposed to relax.

Please Lead, Don’t Whisk

How To Be a Good Boss

Most bosses never give their employees the opportunity to share their views, since the employees at times have much better solutions to problems compared to what the bosses think. So if you insist on running every aspect of the show, your employees will praise you for being their leader, but they are all thinking just how terrible of a leader you are.

Please Guide, Don’t Yell

How To Be a Good Boss

Employees are human beings, and this makes them prone to making mistakes. Some bosses have unrealistic expectations from their employees and when they fall short, they react by yelling at them, giving them a harsh lecture, or even calling their names.

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Let Do or Let Depart

How To Be a Good Boss

Most employees spend their free time in the office sending their resumes to different companies hoping to secure an interview, and some even embark on serious job hunting escapades when they are on leave. Although there are a few employees you can depend on to stick with you through thick and thin, the greater number is always thinking about going for greener pastures.

Crack Jokes, Not Nuts On Their Heads

How To Be a Good Boss

Some lucky employees have bosses who actually try to make a meeting or even the office environment a bit fun by cracking jokes. Employees long to work under such bosses, because they make it easy to approach them in the case of anything. However, one thing employees will never tell their ‘funny’ bosses is that they have laughed at some jokes that were not even remotely funny.

Respect Them & Their Time


Employers are usually very strict when it comes to the time that they want their employees reporting to work, as well as the time they leave. In the same way, that you want your employee to respect the working hours, then you should also respect every minute that belongs to them

All Your Employees Think They Are Underpaid

How To Be a Good Boss

Almost all employees think they are underpaid. The situation gets worse for employees who know just how much the company makes, and how much the boss gets to go home with. Even the best employers will have employees thinking that they are not paid enough, and there is usually little one can do to change this belief among all employees.

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