How Does Google Glass Work

For all of you who still feel like Google Glass is a futuristic device that has little or no utility and mostly a large chunk of a ‘brag’ factor – well, you are right. But it’s still cool though.

No harm in knowing how the device works after all, especially when it will soon be available in Pakistan for something around PKR 1,00,000.

Google Glasses have officially hit some of the exclusive markets and will be made commercially available to all markets this year. YouTube is filled with the epic features and possibilities Google Glass will bring to the common man, whereas Tech websites are busy reviewing the gadget’s technical competency.

For the rest of us, all we can do wish if by some miracle Google decides to experiment with Pakistani market with an official launch of its exclusive invention. Otherwise, we can always rely on the black market to provide us with Google Glasses, much like they ever-so-generously provide iPhones and HTC devices along with many, many other gadgets which were never launched in the country – Anyway, not the point.

How Does Google Glass Work 1So, for all of us who wondered how this innovative wearable gadget actually works, this simple Inforgraphic by Martin Missfeldt explains the breakthrough technology behind Google Glass, ever so simply. 

How pictures can be taken so easily, how images can also be projected onto the ‘visual layer’, how videos can be recorded, how maps can be toggled by just looking at a certain path, how facts can be learned like some Star Trek movie and more importantly ‘what does a view behind Glass look like’.

Fun Fact: the bespectacled enthusiasts can also enjoy Google Glass, not only that the Glass also comes in Sun glass mode.