Hindustan Unilever's Surf Excel Ad

Surf Excel’s latest campaign by Hindustan Unilever, ‘#RangLayeSang’’ celebrates ‘Holi’, with a bold take on communal peace that has been welcomed by many.

An influential brand has the power to unite people from all races and religions if the content and communication is effective.

The ad depicts a moving story of a young girl who helps her Muslim neighbour offer his prayer in the mosque whilst she gets splashed by colours from the neighbourhood kids in a bid to save him.

The ad ends on an empowering note, stating:

Apnay Pan se Auroon Ko Rangnay Mein Dhaag Lag Jaye Tou Dhaag Achay Hotay Hain

The advertisement is bound to bring a smile on your face!


However, the ad has the Indian Twitterverse divided, creating a major controversy across the border.

Some expressed their displeasure claiming that the ad was disrespectful towards the festival of Holi.

Some have stated that it hurts religious sentiments of Hindus in India.

BoycottSurfExcel was extensively used by Twitter users to showcase their anger.

However, some sane voices have lauded Surf Excel for producing a powerful marketing masterpiece.

The advert is also making waves in Pakistan, winning hearts for its vision of harmony.

The reaction from certain segments of the Indian society may be negative towards the concept used in the campaign, however, the advert is also receiving love from both Indians and Pakistanis.

This is not the first time, brands have made efforts to bring together people of the subcontinent, urging them to forget all national and religious differences.

In 2013, Google India’s ‘Reunion’ ad had used a similar message showcasing how two childhood friends, separated due to the Indo-Pak Partition, reunited via the tech giant.

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