Many parts of Pakistan are currently sizzling with mercury levels showing no signs of slowing down. The harsh heat wave has taken the nation under its wing and power outages have become a norm.

With chilled juices and cold water becoming our lifeline in this blazing weather, energy-efficient refrigerators have become the need of the hour.

Not to forget, the holy month of Ramadan is upon us, raising the importance of an efficient refrigerator

Clearly, this is the season consumers kick-start their hunt for an all-purpose refrigerator. However, a refrigerator is an investment you want to get right as the gadget will find a place in your home for years.

If you are looking for a refrigerator that is smart, has upscale features and is budget friendly, then Kenwood has rolled out a series of refrigerators that are just perfect for your kitchen.

Boasting three variants Persona – Glass Door Series, Classic – Vinyl Coated series and Titanium – Stainless Steel series, the brand has an assortment in store for every consumer.

Here’s Why You’ll Fall in Love With Kenwood’s Refrigerators!

A refrigerator so nice, it makes twice the ice

The brand claims to generate long-lasting cooling with insulation walls that are 3 times thicker than conventional refrigerators!

With its state-of-the-art cooling bank located in the freezer compartment, you can ensure your food is fresh at all times. It is a savior during power breakdowns as it maintains the temperature of the food and preserves the freshness of the stored items.

Say goodbye to your whiny old refrigerator!

Kenwoods’ refrigerators are equipped with German Technology Secop Super Quiet Compressors. Ensuring quiet, reliable & effective refrigeration, the compressor is what sets the brand’s refrigerators apart by guaranteeing consistency in temperature and greater durability.

Tired of frequently servicing your refrigerator?

With a voltage startup as low as 170 volts, Kenwood ensures smooth functioning and efficient refrigeration even during power fluctuations. How cool is that?

This will eventually provide you with the much-needed relief from annoying voltage swings and power outages. You will also save the cost of buying a stabilizer and repeated repairs.

Finally, a refrigerator that uses less energy!

Who wouldn’t want a refrigerator that claims to be up to 35% energy efficient? When your appliances need less energy to function, you not only save energy you save money too!

With quick cooling and superior temperature management, Kenwood’s refrigerators allow you to reduce your electricity bills in the process.

It knows your needs!

Kenwood’s refrigerators have a separate storage system for dry vegetables, a first for any home-appliance brand in Pakistan.

Called a dry vegetable tray, it is located at the bottom of the refrigerator. Like its name suggests, it enables you to store dry vegetables like onions and potatoes that you don’t normally refrigerate. Efficiently utilizing space, the dry vegetable tray is the new innovation that you won’t find in any other brand.

Ensuring fresh herbs and edible greens!

Kenwood makes life even easier with its roomy and durable vegetable crisper. The purpose of this feature is to create an organized storage environment and extend the edible life of your fruits and vegetables, like tomatoes, cucumbers, and apples.

Located in the refrigerator, it consequently keeps fruits and veggies fresh for longer usage with its humidity control option, having them last until you’re ready to eat them.

Looks after the environment

Global warming is very real! While other refrigerators give off harmful CFCs and pollute the atmosphere, Kenwood pumps up its refrigerators with eco-friendly R600a gas. One of the environmental protection refrigerants, the gas has no destructive effect on the ozone sphere.

Giving Health a Priority

Perhaps the unique thing about Kenwood’s refrigerators is the addition of a movable medicine bank, allowing you to store medications that are temperature sensitive.

The anti-bacterial detachable gasket prevents bacterial growth, keeping the germs at bay and ensuring food preservation at its finest.

All You Need to Know About Kenwood’s Refrigerator Variants

Persona Series

Elegance at its best, the Persona is a glass door series which adds a modern touch to your interior and works best with the architectural theme. With its one of a kind design, smooth as silk aesthetics, it reflects excellence with a touch of class.

Classic Series

Kenwood’s Classic series is the perfect partner for those who look for simplification without compromising on style. It’s vinyl coated body and ergonomics ensure a user-friendly experience for the entire household.

Titanium Series

With a stainless steel exterior, you get a superior combination of modern design and a flawless appearance, adding vibrancy to your kitchen. Tough like its name, the Titanium series ensures durability, resilience, and determination to last long.

Back in February, with a strong foothold of 1200 dealer network, R&I Electrical Appliances, the official distributor of Kenwood launched the novel refrigerator series. Not only did they successfully managed to catch attention from dealerships, they also captivated the hearts of audiences from all over the nation!

From style to price to features, Kenwood clearly seems to be your go-to brand to buy a refrigerator.

Kenwood Pakistan Officially Launches its New Range of Refrigerators in Pakistan