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The T20 World Cup has all the hype these days. Considering the cinemas that had suffered due to COVID, it seemed like the best opportunity to make good on all the financial loss suffered. This is why Atrium Cinemas had promised to live stream T20 World Cup matches. Whatever the business reasons may be, getting an opportunity to watch the match with fellow cricket fans would certainly have been interesting. But the dream was cut short.

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Atrium Cinemas Announcement

They took to their social media platform announcing that they have cancelled the live streaming in all of their cinemas.

Atrium Cinemas claim that the persmission to stream the matches was acquired from Karachi Cantonment Board which is the licensing authority. They said that they followed the same procedure like they did during the 2011 World Cup as well as PSL 2019.

As an obvious consequence, people were disheveled and were curious to find out the reason behind the cancellation. Atrium Cinemas, it seems, has answered the query.

It turns out that the reason for canceling was due to a recovery notice which was sent in by Karachi Cantonment Board. The cinema authority expressed their surprise because they genuinely felt that the Board would be facilitating a suffering industry instead of creating obstacles.

“Karachi Cantonment Board is depriving in isolation the cinema industry while the matches are being shown everywhere especially after the performance of the Pakistan team in the T20 World Cup 2021,” Atrium representative said.

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