nimra ali
Image Source: Youtube

Out for her evening walk, strolling in a park, Nimra Ali may not have foreseen that she would immediately catch the nation’s eye through her quirkiness and camera confidence. A reporter talking about people in the park approached her for what she may have thought as a two-sentence reluctant response from a random person. However, this was Nimra, who decided to make the most of her two minutes. She stole the light or, instead, the mic.

The clip of the interview in the park started circulating on social media, and in a short time, she became a famous name, and people started watching her camera rants on repeat. Some other publications and TV channels also started inviting her to interviews, and she became a name known in homes all over Pakistan.

But then she got busy. Let’s see what she has been up to!

1. Bridal Shoot

We Pakistanis are sure obsessed with weddings. The moment anyone gets famous, we make them wear bridal dresses. So Nimra Ali followed suit as well. Clad in a bridal lehenga, not only did she have a photoshoot, but she also danced along with the lyrics of a popular Bollywood song. While some loved the shoot, getting to see her beauty as well, now that her talk was not overshadowing it, some didn’t like it as well.

nimra ali
Image Source: Instagram

2. Endorsing T2 – Tea & Tandoor

Out of the bridal wear and into her causals, Nimra Ali was next seen at T2 – Tea & Tandoor. She was back with her spontaneous talks and was endorsing the food. While talking about their food, she urged the viewers to check it out. But when she saw that the one making the video had started filming the food, subtly she became the very self she became famous for, “uncle film me, not the food.”

She does have the knack for making people laugh.

3. So many shows!

She is getting invited to many shows as well. And by being on the shows, she is ensuring that she remains the talk of the town. Sometimes it is because she showcases impressive singing skills, and sometimes it’s because, during her rants, she said something offending. This internet sensation is quite a challenge.

This is all fun, getting to see Nimra gain popularity but will she still be popular a year from now, or will she become a sensation like chai wala, who faded away with time, and once in a while, we get to hear about him when we reminisce about past trends?

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