Now you can get paid to stalk people on social media! Well, not legitimate stalking, that is still illegal.

However, your future employer and job might just be able to let you do that. Andy Bartram, has launched his own investigation agency to funnel out all the fake profiles and trolls so as to keep normal singletons safe.

The developer’s tool is dedicated towards vetting out fake profiles for those who use Tinder and Bumble type dating applications. Active social media users can use the pre-date search service of a nominal fee of £20.

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“I have done those kinds of searches as an intelligence analyst and while I was watching Catfish on MTV I thought it could potentially be a good idea to do something similar here.

Anybody could do it, but in the same way if you need your boiler fixed, you would get a professional in because of safety.

I have spent a number of years as a criminal intelligence analyst and I have had police training.

That gives me the power to interrogate web pages to get results back.” – Andy Bartram

He being a father, said he was confident in his stalking skills which he learnt from the police and can be used to do good.

“Although I set it up as a vetting thing for dating it could also be used for other purposes. Online dating is such a massive industry these days.

I have got lots of friends who use it quite a lot and there are numerous different apps people use.

It is all swipe right and swipe left.” He added.

Want to get paid for stalking? Hop in on the bandwagon and join a similar cause!

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