quarantine trends

The daily lives of many have dramatically shifted in the wake of COVID-19, with citizens being urged to stay at home and practice social distancing.

The combat against COVID 19 is not ending anytime soon, and we’ve all figured that out haven’t we? However, staying at home for so long isn’t a piece of cake either. We’re lounging in our pj’s and walking from our room to the kitchen during these tough times.

Everyone from celebs to laypeople went the extra mile to keep themselves entertained, and that’s when the birth of quarantine trends took the social media by storm.

Have a look at some of the trends that we picked out for you guys!

1. Dalgona Coffee

quarantine trends
Source/ Gfycat

Dalgona coffee, which originated in South Korea, requires only three ingredients – instant coffee, sugar, and hot water – that are vigorously mixed until the foam becomes fluffy and aerated.

2. Banana Bread

quarantine trends
Source/ Food Network

The banana bread obsession is REAL during the quarantine. Everyone has been making banana bread from scratch at home. Then posting about it. Also, banana bread is sweet but doesn’t feel too indulgent if we are craving something comforting.

3. Posting throwback pictures 

quarantine trends
Source/ India Today

It looks like people are scrolling through their old social media photos since everyone keeps posting throwback, images from past trips, and generally photos of being out and about on their social media.

4. TikTok’s

From the don’t rush challenge to flip the switch – TikTok has helped people drive their minds out of the depressing pandemic.

5. Home workouts 

quarantine trends
Source/ Cosmopolitan

Since gyms are closed, home-workouts have seen a significant resurgence, from virtual dance classes, boxing sweat sessions, or a calming yoga tutorial – fitness buffs are relying on home workouts.

6. Zoom parties 

quarantine trends
Source/ Forbes

Video conferencing has become a kind of lifeline for people who feel anxious about their sudden lack of human contact. But putting on a constant happy face for those encounters when I’m feeling scared about my future due to the COVID-19 crisis has turned out to be exhausting.

7. Lounging in PJs

quarantine trends
Source/ Giphy

Since people have spent weeks stuck in isolation, their bodies molded into beds and couches with little to delineate weekends from weekdays and opted for PJs over jeans. Loungewear is comfy, everyday clothing with just a bit of refinement. Unfussy and minimal!

So, how many of these trends did you end up following? Mark check on them all as you try them!

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