Hate Reading Slow Spritz Will Make You Read 1000 WordsMinute

If you ever wish to read all of Dan Brown, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, or even one novel you might face a very exasperating chore, getting through all those bulk of pages to get to the good part. But you cannot skip them, ‘cause then the good part won’t really become that good. So, what do we do? We try to read fast. But reading through takes time, and like any other skill it develops with practice and time or, in this rare case, with Spritz.1000 WordsMinute_1

Now reading Game of Thrones, the 819 pages worth of awesomeness, will virtually take about 26 hours of constant reading, assuming there are 350 words per page with an average human reading speed of 220 words in a minute. Of course, this errand can be accomplished in a couple of days, if you are a habitual reader.

But what about those who are only starting to read and hope to one day become a more regular reader? More than 75% of the people do not even begin reading a novel, if it is thicker than 400 pages. The reason is simple, too much bother.

1000 WordsMinute_2 What if, the same novice reader can finish up an entire edition of ‘Game of Thrones’ (the novel) in less than five hours? Say hello to Spritz, since it allows you to do just that

.1000 WordsMinute_3

But How Does Spritz Work?

Well, to begin with Spritz enables its users to read the words, as they appear one at a time, in rapid succession. Starting off from 250 words, Spritz promises a reading speed that can go as high as 1000 words per minute.

1000 WordsMinute_4

Spritz differs from every other reading enhancing aid as it focuses only on the ‘Optimal Recognition Point’. It is the red letter whenever a word passes by, it’s the ‘fixation point’.

‘Spritz’, the app, is planned to make its way to ‘Samsung Galaxy S5’ and Galaxy Gear 2. The app aims to have 15% of all the world’s textual content read through Spritz’s software by 2016.


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