Hareem Shah Proposing Waqar Zaka
Credit: Bol Networks

Hareem Shah has a habit of staying in news with her eccentric ways and famous video she uploads on TikTok.

Sometimes we find her invading the foreign office or exposing some famous celebrities. Other times her videos are creating social media uproar for absurd reasons.

Recently, Hareem Shah was seen auditioning for Waqar Zaka show Champions on Bol tv. While auditioning she has the guts to sit on the table, taking Zaka’s hand and proposing him for marriage. Well, you read that right Hareem has proposed Zaka!

Shah also expressed her modern thoughts saying that she will allow Zaka to marry as many times as he wants after marrying her. Yes, it’s mind-boggling! Her full audition is in the video but we will warn you to watch it on your own risk!

You can check out the full audition in this video

After Hareems daring proposal to Pakistan’s “Khatroon Kay Khiladi” Waqar Zaka people just couldn’t contain their excitement and Twitter was bombarded with their reactions.

In the hope of a new scandal!

Some were shocked to know the reality

Hareem has never failed to stay in limelight, just recently she was seen having dinner with one of the ministers at a local hotel.

Hareem Shah’s Latest Video Breaks the Internet Once Again! [Watch Video]

We will be seeing Hareem in this BOL tv network show Champions, as Shah has made the cut in the audition after kissing a cobra. Yes, she has to kiss a cobra to clear her audition. It seems like that “kiss of death” has turned into Hareems favor and she will get to see more of Zaka while shooting for the show.

Do you guys think they Hareem and Waqar should tie the knot?

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