Happy Birthday Photoshop: That’s How We Do You

26 years ago, the Knoll Brothers gave us the revolutionary photo editing software, Photoshop. The new software not only reduced the costs of photo editing but made it easy for laymen to retouch photographs and make them look like pieces of art.

Then, an unknown Silicon Valley company, Adobe bought the software from the Knolls and released Photoshop on 19th February 1990 and the rest, as they say, is history.

While many around the world use Photoshop for professional purposes, we, Pakistanis, have a more, let’s just say, varied usage for the ultimate photo-editing software.

We might not have achieved much in the real world, but in the Photoshop arena, we are pretty much the heroes, or in some cases as you will see, superheroes.

Wishing Happy Birthday to Photoshop, Pakistani style

With Megan Fax at Shahi Qila, Disney World

Photoshop 1

Pakistan’s very own Gryffindor Wizards

Photoshop 2

If that didn’t make you jealous…

Photoshop 3

“Shoting” Waar with Ayesha Khan

Photoshop 4

How many likes for Avatar’s boyfriend?

Photoshop 5

Or Maam Katrina’s?

Photoshop 6

Salute to Hamza for scoring Raheela and Jameela

Photoshop 7

Live from WWE Stadium with Mr. Cheena

Photoshop 8

Representing Pakistan in Team Avengers

Photoshop 9

Unlike Hamza, Jawed is truly a one woman man

Photoshop 10

Ye dil tumhara huaa…

Photoshop 11

Wake up to another world..

Photoshop 12