The popular Pakistani Food and Dairy company, Haleeb Foods is under attack for not paying up their due payments to the agency that manages the brand’s social media account. The Facebook page appears to be hacked and an embarrassing picture was posted by Viral Edge, which urged its followers to share the post to create awareness on the issue.

According to reports, the agency claims Haleeb Foods, owes them a whopping $300,000!


However, Haleeb Food’s Management said in a statement that all financial dues of the agency have been cleared. 

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“Management of Haleeb Foods Limited confirms the hacking of its official Facebook page ‘Haleeb Foods Limited’ by Rizwan Ahmad of the digital agency Viral Edge on November 8, 2016.  Haleeb Foods Limited terminated the services agreement of Viral Edge in May 2016 and cleared all financial dues of the agency.  We reject the assertions made by this digital agency of non-payment and have filed a criminal complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency, Cyber Crime Division. We condemn the hacking of our Facebook page and we now seek to initiate all appropriate legal actions/remedies available to Haleeb Foods Limited against Viral Edge”,

The agency handling the Haleeb Foods account has opted for the ‘name and shame’ tactic in order to claim back the payments due to them.

A short plea attached below was posted along with the picture as well.

These posts created a stir on social media and the shocking stunt was met by outrage among the page followers.

Here’s what people are saying about it.


A few marketing critics on Facebook group Khalid Alvi’s Marketing Next believe it was wrong of Viral Edge to act unethically and this move by the agency was not needed. They believed that the problem could have been resolved professionally.

Read some of the comments from the group below.

What are your thoughts on the prevailing issue? Do you think the agency was right to act out in such a way? Let us know in the comments below.

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