Haier as always brings smart solutions to the table. After observing the climatic effects on Pakistan’s landscape, it is the need of the hour to come up with an Air Conditioner that has a solution for every air and weather-related problem.

To match that need Haier has introduced Haier Puri Inverter Series with Super IFD Filter which cleans the air from impurities and then cools, dries or heats it up according to the requirement of the weather.

Haier Puri Inverter is an all-year-round solution, all across Pakistan. We have discussed in detail how climate change is resulting in weather extremes and how pollution has an impact on human health in the previous article.

We know the world we live in has major environmental problems in the form of air pollution. As the Air Quality Index declines in all the major cities all across the world, the consumer wants a solution for pollution. In Pakistan, breathing problems have been notably increasing because of dust, smoke and smog are a threat to health and wellbeing.

Haier Puri Inverter provides a solution to control and regulate the indoor Air Quality Index by purifying the air with its advanced Super IFD filter and check the quality of air with its Air Quality Sensor which monitors air against pollutants and later Super IFD filter helps purify it. This makes the air-filtration feature of an air-conditioner to be more effective and on par with that of an air purifier and can handle small particles of PM 2.5 while cooling or heating your rooms.

In the summer season the pollution, dust, smoke, and heat make the outdoor weather unbearable. A regular AC doesn’t cool as it should, but it also never cleans and purifies the Air, so invest in an Air Conditioner that is the best investment of your money. If you are thinking of purchasing an Air Conditioner then be sure to purchase Haier Puri Inverter which is an Air Purifier combined with an Air Conditioner. Not only this, in the summer season we all know the power shortage reaches its peak, to deal with this problem Haier Puri Inverter can smoothly run on UPS with an additional device which helps to keep you cool when the heat is on top.

Next comes the monsoon weather which brings along the humidity. It’s not just hot, it becomes so clammy and moisture-laden that one can’t survive without a good Air Conditioner that dries the air too. Haier Puri Inverter dries the air and get rids of the small impurities in the air, so that you breathe easy and nice.

After the monsoon, comes the winter with flu and cold, everyone living in Pakistan knows that smog also has engulfed Pakistan in recent years and has had a negative impact on our health in general. But again, one can’t fight the outdoor weather. But we can always control and regulate our indoor weather and air condition. Haier Puri Inverter not only warms the air in winter but also cleans the smog, smoke, and pollution from the air we breathe indoors where it is going to be working.

So, all in all, if you are considering an Air Conditioner to bring to your home. Haier Puri Inverter should be your first choice. Super IFD Filter which cleans and purifies the air is now a necessity according to the natural atmosphere we live in, but in addition to that, we have the self-cleaning option also available in Haier Puri Inverter Series.

So, in a nutshell, Haier Puri Inverter has an Air Filter in the form of Super IFD Filter to purify the air from pollution and impurities, it heats, cools and dries the air according to the weather. It has self-cleaning and is UPS enabled. So, what more do you want in an Air Conditioner?