Karachi witnesses its fair share of crime, almost on a daily basis. From snatching to target killing, our beloved city goes through a lot every day.

Adding to the citizen’s misery, the latest cases of women getting stabbed on the streets of Gulistan-e-Jauhar have created a sudden wave of panic in the metropolis.

As many as nine females have become victims of stabbing attacks. According to Geo News, the latest attack happened in the wee hours of Saturday when a woman was stabbed at Mosamiat. She was immediately taken to hospital for treatment.

However, according to the latest case reported, the knife attacker is now lurking around in more areas of Gulistan- e- Jauhar .

Via: Halaat Updates

According to Hunain Shaikh, the victim was present at Paradise bakers at the time of the incident. Upon noticing a strange guy on the bike with a surgical knife, she fled from the spot and saved her life by immediately climbing a bus.

He pointed out that the psychopath is now roaming around Gulshan block 4 and its adjoining areas.

Reward For ‘Karachi Knife Attacker’

The horrible episode has the city’s police on the edge. The mystery case remains unsolved and now Sultan Khawaja — the deputy inspector general (DIG) of Karachi’s District East has declared a whopping prize money for anyone who helps in unraveling the identity of the infamous attacker.

A reward worth PKR 0.5 million will be awarded  to anyone who helps provide information, which could lead to suspect’s arrest

Anyone who has information on the matter can report it on the number +923003552256, that has been assigned specifically to this issue.

CCTV Footage Surfaces

A CCTV footage revealed little details regarding the appearance of the assailant.

“The suspect appears to be a thin man, aged 20-29,” DIG Khawaja said, adding that “he appears to be 5 feet, 7-9 inches tall” and usually rides a red motorcycle.

He is usually clad in a black shirt and is wearing black pants.

All of these ladies were attacked by the perpetrator with a  supposedly sharp object. The purpose of the assailant is still unknown since he did not rob any of these ladies.