After the online passport service was launched, yet another initiative has been announced by the government of Pakistan.

The Pakistan Origin Card has been approved for the spouses of Pakistani nationals living abroad.

The news was announced by Interior Minister, Ahsan Iqbal through his official Twitter account. The move is great news for those staying abroad who wish to travel frequently to Pakistan, instead of applying for a visa for Pakistan the POC can be used for this purpose.

The Minister announced,

“I have approved restoration of Pakistan Origin Card (POC) for spouses of Pakistani national”

The Benefits of Holding a POC

  1. Visa-free entry into Pakistan
  2. Indefinite stay in Pakistan
  3. Exemption from foreigner registration requirements
  4. Right to open and operate bank accounts in Pakistan
  5. Permission to buy and sell real estate in the country

Online Renewal of Pakistani Passports is Now Possible

Criteria for Acquiring a POC

  1. A person who was previously a Pakistani national and has now surrendered the nationality
  2. A foreign national who is married to a Pakistani citizen
  3. Parents are of Pakistani origin or ever had a Pakistani nationality
  4. A foreign national with grandparents who are/were Pakistani nationals
  5. A foreign national with a sibling or aunt/uncle who are Pakistani nationals

3 Steps to Receive the POC

  1. Online application
  2. Credit card payment
  3. Home Delivery

The entire process is quick and hassle-free and can be done online. The card will also be delivered at the applicant’s doorstep.

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