While one can make many cases for the convenience of online shopping, we’re still at the stage of conversion where many people will still opt for a physical trip to the shop and purchase what they want.

Shopping here is an activity where there are planning and mapping out the day’s plan, and time is spent looking through options, scrutinizing and haggling.

The case for traditional shopping methods continues to be advocated over online shopping and online market places continue to tackle this by improving and evolving in the areas where the criticism lies; integrity of the product, delays in delivery and the sheer hassle of going through the return process if the product isn’t satisfactory.

Goto is an online market place that features products from various categories, from men’s fashion to electronics appliances and gaming consoles. It aims to be a platform that seeks to bypass the limitations between shop owners and shoppers.

Regardless of the time of day, or day of the week, or location for that matter, shop owners can continue to run their business, and consumers no longer have to worry about whether the market is closed or open. They can do their shopping at Goto, at the comfort of their own homes, with the added peace of mind of no fake products, timely delivery and easy returns.

So it’s only natural that the strategy team at upcoming marketplace Goto would rack its brain to find a loophole or rather an untapped edge that they have over a brick and mortar shop. All this while not taking business away from the vendors who stock on their site while still having a physical presence. And it seems they have cracked it.

They tapped into the convenience of shopping on your own time. You can order off an online marketplace at any time you want. Regardless of when your fingers or credit card itches to satisfy the shopaholic in you, you can shop. And be sure that you’ll get served, all in the luxury of not having to physically move from your seat.

Goto kicked off the Shutterband campaign, an initiative through which they wanted to give the message out to shoppers (on behalf of the vendors) that while their store on-ground might be closed for the day, their products can still be found online at Goto. SHOP EVEN WHEN THE SHUTTER IS BAND!

The idea was to empower vendors, through advertising on their shutters, to increase their sales and expand their business by communicating that while the store has closing timings; their online presence is 24/7.

How did this strategy work? Well, since the message was strategically placed on the shutters of the stores themselves, it reached out to customers who had already visited with a need in mind.

The communication speaks not for just Goto but for and on behalf of the shopkeeper too. So, while the store is open, it’s a regular retail outlet. However, the moment the shop closes for the day, any customer that passes by the store gets the message that the shop is still open online on Goto.com.pk.

This essentially became a great opportunity for the vendors to increase their sales as well as their reach, and they didn’t need to spend extra investment to promote or expand their business. Through the campaign, the vendors are enabled to run their businesses round the clock without the logistical effort.

Customers could now get the same products that they get from their favourite store without being bound by location or time constraints. Sounds like a win win situation. And while the eventual conversion may be slow and we may not completely replace the physical experience of shopping, it’s important that online shopping be a legitimate consideration point for shopping when you can’t actually go.