The increasing usage of internet isn’t always an advantage, especially when it involves kids using it without any supervision.

To address the rising issue of children’s safety online the search and giant, Google has announced the launch of kid-optimized versions of its services, including Gmail and YouTube.

Aiming to enlarge its target audience and its database of users, the tech tycoon is now gearing up to roll out a secure edition of all its online services for children under 13.

To ensure the safety of the children, the new Google for Kids will enable a dashboard for parents to monitor their child’s web behavior and activities, also controlling all sort of online content. 

Never been before, a tech giant has opened its services for kids under 13.  Strict rules and regulations are enforced by Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in order to safeguard the internet rights, privacy and security of the kids, restricting web- companies to offer their services to users that are not of age. 

However, it’s no secret either that kids sign up on platforms like Facebook and Youtube by simply lying about their age. Even parents get involved in the act and end up signing up their children on request.

Consequently, Google has taken the bold initiative to make the whole process easy, effortless and legal for all by instigating a spree of kid friendly services.

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