Google has announced that it will end support for its popular web browser Chrome on the older operating systems Windows XP, Vista, OS X 10.8 and earlier by April 2016.

The browser will continue to work on these above mentioned operating system but will not receive updates for Google Chrome anymore after five months.


The announced changes will be applicable from April 2016 to those PC-users who have not upgraded their operating systems to Windows 10, 8, or 7 OS yet, and working on with the same older OS like Windows XP, Vista and OS X.

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Once in 2014, Microsoft had ended Chrome Support for Windows XP back in April of 2014, but Google managed to extend the deadline this support initially till April 2015 and then dragged it to the end of 2015. But now it is going to end officially in April 2016.


Google is going to discontinue Chrome Support on Windows Vista too along with XP, although Vista still has extended support till April 2017 from Microsoft.

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Google has been pushed to take this step owing to the fact that Apple and Microsoft are no longer supporting Chrome on their older versions of operating systems. Maintaining support and producing updates and compatibility for the number of operating systems is itself not an easy task for software developers.