Having high-speed internet almost seems like a dream nowadays. Because of various issues, like submarine-cable damages, the weather outside, and slow internet service-providers, Pakistan is sick and tired of this problem.

However, Google has a solution! The company wants to increase the internet speed by 2700%. The company is currently working on updating its congestion control algorithm called BBR (short for Bottleneck Bandwidth and Round-trip propagation time).

This will automatically help in boosting the speed while maintaining a low latency and will also encourage less packet loss.

“BBR allows the 500,000 WordPress sites on our digital experience platform to load at lightning speed.” -Jason Cohen, Founder and CTO, WordPress Engine

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The company claims that they have come-up with an algorithm by analysing connection capability. With the help of this new strategy, users can expect much quicker access times and faster overall data rates on services based on the Google Cloud Platform.

“According to Google’s tests, BBR’s throughput can reach as much as 2,700x higher than today’s best loss-based congestion control; queuing delays can be 25x lower. “

The company explained the algorithm through the following image;

What are your thoughts about Google’s new strategy?

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