Google Duo, the new video chatting application by the internet giant has topped charts within mere days of its launch. Not only did the application surpass Pokemon Go, but it has also crossed the 5 million downloads mark in the Play Store already.

Asides Duo, there are three other popular video chatting applications in the market, Microsoft Corporation’s Skype, Apple’s FaceTime, and Facebook’s Messenger. So, how are all these applications different from one another, and how do they stand out from the crowd? Find out below:

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Google Duo

  • Availability: Google Duo is available on both Google Play Store and App Store for free.
  • How it Works: All you need to do is download the application from the store, and when you open it, give it access to your address book. Once you accept the terms, you contacts who are also using Duo will automatically appear. However, since its new and is not connected to any other communication application, you may need to invite friends to it.

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  • Performance: The application is fast when it comes to performance, not only does it perform well, but it automatically connects to cellular data if Wi-Fi signals drop.
  • Special Feature(s): Duo has a feature called ‘Knock Knock’, this feature allows you to see who is calling before you pick the call itself.Duo


  • Availability: Skype can be found on many different platforms, not only is it available in the Play Store, it is also found in the App Store, Windows Store, in BlackBerry, Amazon Fire Phone too. It is also available on Xbox One, Apple Watch, Android Wear, tablets, and on the desktop.
  • How It Works: After downloading Skype, users will need to register if they are not already on the platform. Once they make their user ID, they can add friends by either connecting through Facebook, linking their address book or by manually adding someone by their username. Once contacts have been added, the user can either message, audio or video chat their friends. The option for group calls with up to 25 people in a single group, which is not yet available  on FaceTime or Google Duo.

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  • Performance: Skype offers different options and features for its users, including Screen Sharing, Pay-as-you-go, free Instant Messages, free Skype-to-Skype audio and video calls, voice messages, call forwarding, and much more.
  • Special Feature(s): Skype has a special group calling feature that allows users to chat with up to 25 friends in the same group!



  • Availability: FaceTime is available on all iOS platforms, including iPad, iPhone, Mac laptops, iMac computers, iPod Touch, etc.
  • How it Works: To use FaceTime, the iOS user requires an Apple ID (email address) to sign in. Once the ID has been created, sign in using it. The ID needs to be the same on your phone and other products. It automatically syncs with your address book so that if the user is receiving a call, it can be answered through any channel.

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  • Performance: Its easy to switch between FaceTime video and voice calls for convenience, not to forget that switching between landscape and portrait can also be done with ease, the user can use the front or rear camera during conversations.
  • Special Feature: The best part about FaceTime is that it allows the user to use the same ID in all devices, unlike many applications that only allow the ID to be limited to just one device.


Facebook’s Messenger

  • Availability: Facebook’s Messenger application is available on iOS, Android, and video calling is possible though desktop as well for free.
  • How it Works: In order to have a Messenger account, a user needs to have a Facebook account. Messenger syncs to the accounts, on the devices, and automatically shows all of your friends who have you on Facebook. When a friend’s name is tapped on, a conversation opens, with different options, including video call.
  • Performance: Facebook’s video calling service is free of cost, easy to operate, and works quite well with all devices on all platforms.
  • Special Feature: Facebook has recently announced a group call feature, that will allow 50 people to talk at the same time.


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