Google, ever since its inception has come a long way, becoming a part of our daily lives. Now it’s the default search engine for more than half the globe, as well as a reliable information hub.

Recently, Google is modifying itself and in that process, it has decided to remove the “First Click Free (FCF)” policy for publishers and news websites.

The policy loathed by publishers and media because it required them to provide a limited amount of free content before users of the world’s biggest search engine could be asked to pay for it.

This would give publishers the freedom to decide how many, if any, free articles they want to offer readers before charging a fee.

The people using Chrome, Google’s web browser, however, can pick and choose what they are willing to pay for.

“If the change is properly introduced, the impact will be profoundly positive for journalists everywhere and for the cause of informed societies,” News Corp. CEO Robert Thomson

Google says it’s working with publishers to streamline whatever payment form they would like to pursue so that it’s easier for users to decide what they wish to pay for. The goal is to help publishers identify possible subscribers and build a better subscription model.

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