Google Chrome has surpassed other browsers to become the most popular web browser with having 800 million mobile users per month approximately.

According to the statistical data, Chrome is the most popular web browser and way ahead of its rivals such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla FireFox, Opera and Safari.

A figure of 800 million computes download of Chrome on Android and iOS devices and doesn’t include Windows Mobile users that can take it to 1 billion mark per month.



Among these 800 million devices which use Chrome on mobile, Android versions of Chrome has a huge user base and higher in ratio as iOS devices are generally more inclined towards Safari because of its aptness in processing and battery life. However, the statistical data did not mention the actual count of Chrome users on Android devices.

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Google Chrome application on mobile consumes a lot of battery power and requires efficient processing from RAM and processor for quick browsing, but still it leads the market share by a significant margin. Chrome developers are working on to improve the power-hungry nature of its browser, but it will definitely take some time. Till then, the browser will easily cross the 1 billion milestone in the near future if continues with the same projection.