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At last, some kind of hope for MH370 has emerged deep within the ocean as both the Australian and Chinese navies begin the Malaysian airlines’ debris excavation.

It’s been almost a month since the MH370 disaster, and the affected families are not the only ones mourning.

realme 8 series

In the words of Retired Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, This particular area defined as the ‘possible sight in the ocean where MH 370 crashed’ is essentially a best guess since the plane’slocator beacons shut down here at a certain ‘depth’ from these locations within the ocean.

Angus is the head of the Australian search agency for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

The question that is asked more than often – if everyone knows where the wreckage of the unfortunate plane is, why isn’t it being recovered?

To answer that let’s first take a practical look at where the MH370 debris is in the ocean.

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